Randomize your home screen with Wallpaper Changer

Download a new wallpaper on a schedule or on demand.

Some people can never settle on just one wallpaper for their home screen. Wallpaper Changer can give you a new wallpaper whenever you want. It can even schedule your wallpaper to change at certain times. It works like a charm, but can only use images already on your phone, and doesn't come with new images to choose from.

The fact that this app doesn't download wallpapers for you means it won't make you go over your data limit with random downloads, but it also means you're stuck with the pictures on your phone. It can't even use the built-in wallpapers that came with your phone. You can use this app to schedule random or specific wallpaper changes at any time; you can choose intervals in minutes or set the wallpaper to change any time you unlock your phone. It's not always instant, though. Wallpaper Changer sometimes noticeably lags before giving you a new wallpaper.

It's not as useful as it could be, but it does change your wallpaper. If you love using your own photos as wallpaper and don't want to keep changing them by hand, this app will give you a nice change of pace. Some built-in wallpapers to use would be a really nice touch, though. Even the option to use stock wallpapers would make Wallpaper Changer more worthwhile.

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