Tell the time with Super Clock Wallpaper

Add a decent-sized clock to your homescreen using Super Clock Wallpaper.

Smartphones tend to tuck the current time in the top-right corner of your phone, where your eyes almost never go. This convenient download slaps a huge clock right on your home screen so you don't have to look away to check the time. Of course, the Android operating system provides a way to do this without a download, but Super Clock Wallpaper presents a different option.

This is a live wallpaper, so expect Super Clock Wallpaper to drain your battery and take up a bit of your system's memory. If you ignore that, it's pretty nice. You'll have complete control over most of the important features inside. The clock is big and easy to read, and you can choose between three fonts from the app's menu. As for backgrounds, you can choose from a list of colors or any picture that's already on your phone. You can't choose any of your phone's stock backgrounds, but that's not too much of a loss. If you want more advanced features like positioning the clock or changing the animation rate, you'll have to pony up a buck for the pro version. Most folks will be more than happy with the standard free version, though.

If you're a fan of animated wallpapers, Super Clock Wallpaper is an easy-to-set-up way to get a cool clock background in a matter of seconds.

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