Show off photos to your friends with Social Frame Free HD Slideshow

Turn your social network's pictures into an awesome slideshow with Social Frame Free HD Slideshow.

Tablets and smartphones can make great digital photo frames on the fly. Social Frame Free HD Slideshow will craft a nifty slideshow of all the photos of you and your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Social Frame works well enough, but doesn't give you enough control of your slideshow. You can't do much with it once it's created.

The slideshow has to physically sync each of the pictures you want it to display individually. If you choose more than a dozen or so photos this takes a very long time and does a number on your phone or tablet. You can't really do anything with it while it's syncing. Once everything is loaded, Social Frame Free HD Slideshow displays photos quite nicely -- save for the ads that take $4 to remove. The app even lets you change your slideshow's timing and sequences. However, the slideshow itself is stuck inside of Social Frame. There's no option to download it or make it your wallpaper. You can share it on social media, though. You can also view your social media feeds and post status updates to Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

If you want to turn a tablet or smartphone into a digital photo frame, Social Frame Free HD Slideshow does it well enough. Though it can't use the photos on your gadget, it displays what photos it can use nicely. That means it's fine for people who mount their tablets, but anyone else won't find much use in this app.

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