Customize your Android phone with ROM Manager

Install a custom ROM on a rooted Android with ease.

Android is the go-to for gearheads because of all the custom ROMs you can put on your phone. ROM Manager makes it even easier by taking the guesswork out of installing the Clockwork Mod, one of the more popular custom ROMs, on your phone. It lets you back up your installations, search for new updates, and more.

ROM Manager only works with the Clockwork Mod, so you have to have that installed for this to work. This app won't even let you do anything without already having rooted your phone. While it won't hold your hand through the rooting process, it's an excellent failsafe. It has limited functionality with other mods, but offers all sorts of features if you already like the Clockwork Mod. You save all sorts of information about your current ROM and can install newer versions from an easy-to-figure-out interface. Clockwork ROM Manager even sports most of the familiar iconography you'll be used to if you're a longtime Clockwork fan.

If you're already into the Clockwork ecosystem, this download is a must-have. ROM Manager gives you a ton of tools that let you experiment with your custom ROM and still have a complete version waiting for you if you mess something up. It would be nice if it worked more fluidly with other ROMs, but if you already love Clockwork, make sure you have this installed on your gadget.

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