Add effects to your mobile device's photos with PhotoWonder

Put cool designs and decorations on your smartphone's photos with PhotoWonder.

Not every photo-editing app has to take itself seriously. This fun app has several powerful features to speak of, but the main goal is to have silly fun with your photos. Photo Wonder adds faces, props and all sorts of other bizarre goodies to your mobile gadget's photos. It's a nice novelty with enough variance to not get too dull too fast.

The app sends plenty of bad grammar and pop-over ads your way while you're trying to work. The editing canvas itself provides plenty of room and features for you to make edits. While Photo Wonder has cropping, resizing and other similar editing tools, that's not its real strength. The idea is to make your photos look as silly as possible using props and funny faces. There are dozens of these to choose from and each one can be re-sized or inverted. You can add silly frames and filters, too. When you finish up, the app saves your photo and gives you the option to share it to a handful of social networks. Sadly, the app saves to its own folder and doesn't let you change that.

If you forgive some of the weird quirks, it's a pretty cool app. It has enough novelty to keep you interested for multiple edits. Once the silliness wears off, there's still enough of a quality photo-editing backbone to keep you satisfied. Photo Wonder probably isn't the best photo-editing app on Android, but it's a pretty fantastic mix of fun and useful edits.

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