Show off your pictures with KD Collage Free

Create cool photo collages to share with your friends and family.

If you love the photo booth but hate shelling out cash, you need a collage app. KD Collage Free combines your smartphone's photos into dozens of different layouts with fun borders and backgrounds. It gives you more options than you'll probably ever use, which is a positive, not a negative.

Though this is the free version, the only things that seem to be different from the $1.50 pro version are ads and the slightly lower resolution. That means every feature KD Collage has to offer is here for you. It offers up dozens of different frames, borders, and layouts for you to use with all of your pictures. Everything is organized by the number of pictures the collage supports. Once your pictures are inside the collage, you can resize and rotate them. You can do that for the collage itself, too. The app has a neat autosave feature so you don't have to save every time you perfect a picture. Once you save the collage itself, you can share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can even set it as your background.

This app does it all and does it really well. You'll never be annoyed by ads or a lack of features. KD Collage boasts such an absurd number of options to customize and edit your collages that there really isn't any reason to use another app. If you want to make cool, decorative collages to share with your friends, you need this app.

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