Type your heart out with Jelly Bean Keyboard

Put a taste of Jelly Bean's type method on non-Jelly Bean phones.

The default keyboard on Android gadgets seems to get better and better with each update. Jelly Bean's keyboard is sleek, fast and even comes with SwiftKey-like predictive texting. Jelly Bean Keyboard puts that keyboard on gadgets running Donut (Android 1.6) and later. It's a seamless port, but it doesn't suddenly make the keyboard better than third-party keyboard apps.

Setting up another keyboard on Android gadgets comes with all sorts of scary disclaimers. Your phone or tablet will tell you that this app can track and log everything you type. That isn't true of this keyboard, though. The only sketchy thing it does is suddenly turn on any haptic feedback or typing sounds you've turned off. In spite of that, the app simulates the Jelly Bean keyboard incredibly well. Jelly Bean Keyboard supports the predictive text and split keyboard on Jelly Bean gadgets and works without a hitch.

If you were itching to try out Android 4.1's keyboard, this is your best bet. Any problems you might have with the Jelly Bean Keyboard app are problems with the Jelly Bean keyboard itself. If you want the best Android keyboard, go with SwiftKey. If you just want to try Jelly Bean's before you upgrade, you need to download this app.

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