Continue your PC Internet browsing on your phone using Google Chrome to Phone

Transfer and share information between your PC running Chrome and your phone using Google Chrome to Phone.

Google Chrome has been an innovative and logical addition to the Google line of software products. Google Chrome to Phone further enhances the experience of this cross-compatible browser by providing a way transfer information to your phones from a PC running Chrome.

The first component to download is an extension for the Google Chrome browser. This component is used to highlight information and send it to the phone. There is also a Firefox add-on available for those who prefer that browser. The extension is quick to download and is hassle-free. The next portion of the package is the Android application, whch downloads quickly as well. A simple registration is required during both the extension and application installation. This requires a Google account. The user interface on the device is the typical Google design: it is clean, modern and very intuitive. This application is a great tool; if you're at home looking up directions on your computer, you can simply transfer the map to your phone and open the navigation application. You could also send a link to the destination's Web site, or other pertinent information.

For those wishing to improve an already great experience with Google Chrome, Google Chrome to Phone is a much-needed download. It works smoothly and almost entirely in the background and is perfect for users on the go.

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