Create interesting photo effects and montages with Funny Camera

Apply creative filters to your photos and share them online using Funny Camera.

There are many applications that will entertain users with photo effects. Funny Camera is one of them, but it takes a slightly different approach. While other programs seem to add the effect to the existing image, this app applies the original image into another image template. This results in some pretty amusing images.

The installation and setup are painless with Funny Camera. This app loads quickly and allows the user to begin having fun right away. Pictures are selected from the gallery and imported to the application. The user interface is clean and bright, functioning smoothly. Once the image is selected the program allows the user to pick an effect. This process only works with portraits. The image is then compiled and the finished product is presented. The image quality is pretty good and appropriate for sharing on social networks. One issue with this app is that the process must be started all over again if the user wishes to apply a different effect. There is no preview option. This is probably because of the advanced effects it uses involving the resizing and orienting of the images.

Most users will find Funny Camera to be amusing at the very least. The image quality is respectable, and the interface is easy to use. This application is recommended for most people, in particular those who like to share photos online.

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