Take multiple pictures with Fast Burst Camera Lite

Capture photos rapidly on your smartphone with Fast Burst Camera Lite.

Most high-end cameras have a burst-shooting option -- that is, they can take a series of pictures at a high rate of speed. This feature is not often seen in smartphones, but many people would love it to be. Fast Burst Camera Lite brings this great feature to Android devices. While the application works for the most part, it does have some serious disadvantages.

Fast Burst Camera Lite loads quickly and the installation is not complex at all. Upon opening the application the user is greeted with a pretty rough-looking user interface. The viewfinder takes up the whole screen and a solitary shutter button is located in one corner. The button is a flat gray in color and is slightly pixelated, as though not created in a high-enough resolution. To capture multiple pictures the user simply holds the shutter button for the desired amount of time. As the pictures are captured, loud shutter sounds chime out of the device. This sound can be disabled.

Once the pictures have been captured, the user can browse through them or share them via social media. The picture quality is pretty bad. Lighting is imperative because the focus seems to not function properly. Some images may turn out okay, but the quality is totally random. Once the application is closed and reopened, a request for an upgrade pops up on the screen. This notification appears every time the application is opened until an upgrade is purchased. The upgrade is supposed to allow the device to use flash and focus while taking the pictures. These seem to be pretty basic features for taking a picture and perhaps should have been already included.

Even though it seems very enticing, Fast Burst Camera Lite falls short. Its performance is not good, and the upgrade pop-ups are annoying. With basic picture-taking features such as focus and flash missing, picture quality is incredibly poor. Even the user interface is not up to par.

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