Organize applications on your smartphone with Easy Launcher

Keep your home screen clutter-free with Easy Launcher.

A mobile device can easily amass a hundred applications over time, and most of them rarely get used because of the clutter. This is especially true on older devices with Android 2.0 through 3.0, as these devices provided no way of organizing the files beyond moving the icons around on the screen. Easy Launcher solves this dilemma and adds some other nifty features.

Once the simple installation is completed, Easy Launcher automatically begins organizing applications. The home screen is then divided like a filing cabinet with tabs. The tabs represent the various types of applications, such as games, apps, and system. You can then organize the apps within the folders as you see fit. Applications can also be uninstalled with one click rather than going through the settings menu. Another interesting feature of this app is a tool called Genie. This tool can analyze your current collection of applications and recommend new ones. If you don't like the suggestions you can block it from further recommendation. This app's user interface is smooth and attractive. If you have an older phone, it will make it feel like new.

Easy Launcher works well and is recommended for users of older Android OSes as it can help them organize their applications. Users of Android 4.0 through 4.2 will find the operating system itself has better organizational processes, such as the creation of folders.

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