Take and edit photos on your Android gadget with Cymera

Use your Android device to snap pictures and edit them from the same app.

There are plenty of photo-editing and photo-taking apps on Android, but few can do both. This app is the rare exception. Cymera can take, edit, and even filter photos on your smartphone or tablet. It's good enough at doing all three to replace the standalone editing, shooting, and filtering apps you currently use.

This app is made to complement Cyworld, a South Korean social network. The only time you'll really notice that is when you try to share a shot from the app itself. To do it, you need an account with Cyworld. You don't need an account to shoot or manipulate photos, though. Cymera taps into all of your camera's power to take much better pictures than the default camera app on Android. When you're shooting, it shows you rule-of-thirds grids and can even take four shots at once for an instant photo booth strip. Once you snap a picture, the app will not only recognize faces for auto-retouching, but can add silly effects and other goodies. All of its features are right onscreen for easy access, but they don't cut into the space you need to preview photos.

You won't find a much better all-in-one photo app in the Google Play store. It's a little disappointing -- but not unexpected -- that some of the app's features are tied deep into a social network. However, all of the features you really want are available and work well. If you're fed up with using two or three different apps to edit one picture, download Cymera.

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