Monitor your device's battery at all times with Battery Widget

Put a widget on your home screen with detailed battery information.

Not every smartphone has detailed battery information at your fingertips. Battery Widget puts a simple but detailed battery indicator anywhere on your home screen. It's simple and elegant, but not as customizable as other battery widgets in the Play store. It's still worth trying out, though.

Though the app prides itself on its cool widget, it features detailed battery information for you to use, too. Since the app is 1X1, it can be placed anywhere on your phone's home screen. It would be nice if there were a bigger version to use, with a few more statistics. It wouldn't hurt to be able to use colors other than green, orange, and red to indicate battery status, too. Thankfully, you can change when the widget displays a certain color, based on how much charge your battery has left. The defaults (green until 70 percent, orange at 50 until 20, red after 20) will be enough for most people. Battery Widget slides a battery life indicator into your status bar by default, which some people will love and some will hate. It's easy to disable.

The app performs just as you would expect it to. It's stylish when on your home screen and gives you enough information when you need it. Try Battery Widget if you want a very sleek, modern-looking battery indicator. If you like to customize colors and size -- to match your wallpaper, for example -- this probably isn't the best app for you.

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