Protect your Android device from theft with Avira Free Android Security

Secure your mobile device with many useful features available with Avira Free Android Security.

A mobile device can contain a significant amount of personal data such as contacts, banking information, photos, videos, important documents, and more. With Android devices becoming more prevalent, the need for security software is even greater. Avira Free Android Security is a feature-filled application that assists users in securing their devices. While this is not an antivirus or malware protection application, it does a great job protecting devices against theft.

The download and installation of Avira Free Android Security go quickly and easily. Some advanced settings are required for most of the features, but the application does a good job instructing the user during the setup procedure. The menus are brightly colored, easy to read, and easy to use. The application itself has several useful features included. The user is able to track their device, execute a remote wipe, or lock the device remotely. There is also a convenient feature that enables the device to scream. In the event of a lost device, it will emit a loud, annoying sound until the user finds it. The majority of the application's features are controlled through an online Web application, which can be opened on any PC.

The need for mobile device security is not up for debate. Many applications are available that claim to protect a device, but few excel like Avira Free Android Security. It has many different features that users will appreciate, and it functions perfectly. This app is highly recommended for the security-conscious user.

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