Sync information from your mobile device with Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi

Backup your system data onto your PC with Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi.

Today the data contained on mobile devices can be priceless. No one knows this better than someone who has lost or destroyed their phone together with all contacts, media files, and important documents. Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi handles this problem with ease by backing up selected files wirelessly from your Android device to your home PC.

Setup of Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi consist of two parts. The installation is only the first part of the process and is pretty quick and easy. The second step is to download the desktop software from the Web. The PC software is significantly more complex than the Android application, but it is still quite simple to use. Once both programs are installed there is a basic setup which involves registration of the Wi-Fi network and an initial sync. Once the devices have been set up, they will automatically recognize each other when the application is opened. The user interface for the device is incredibly simple, only involving a few keys for syncing the device. The PC software has many more options allowing the user to more effectively control the sync. The user can sync all types of files from their device such as media files, documents and contacts. A wired connection would be slightly faster for syncing data, but the Wi-Fi connection was convenient and fairly quick, too. The only negative experience we had with this software was when the device's screen shut off. If the device goes into hibernation, the connection is lost and it will not sync. The simple solution to this problem is to adjust the device settings or have it plugged into the wall.

Overall, both the Android application and the PC software for Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi function flawlessly and are easy to use. This is a great program for anyone who wants to safely back up data from their mobile device to a PC.

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