Get standard and animated emoticons for iMessage or Facebook with Cute Emoticons

Access hundreds of free emoticons from Cute Emoticons to share with your friends.

Have you ever received a message with an emoticon or GIF attached from a friend and wondered how they did it? There are quite a few apps available that add a huge library of emoticons, animated GIFs, and other images to your messaging tools. Most are quite pricey, however, and not all of them are very intuitive. That's why Cute Emoticons is such an impressive app. Featuring 225 emoticons and 138 animated gifts for free, Cute Emoticons separates each of the emoticons into categories with names like DD Cat or Cute Girl. Each category has an optional GIF Animation menu, though you'll find many of the animated options locked.

There is a paid version of the app that costs 99 cents to unlock 625 emotions and 625 GIFs, a substantial upgrade over the free version, but even if you are not interested in the upgrade, the free edition has quite a few emoticons to choose from. There is a single small ad at the bottom of the page and a Facebook share button at the top-right corner so you can share with your friends, but otherwise, all functionality is built around the emoticons themselves. We found the copy-and-paste function to work flawlessly, instantly copying each image for use in iMessage or text messages, and you can share on Twitter or Facebook easily.

If you are growing tired of the same ASCII emoticons you've been using since you bought your phone, Cute Emoticons offers a huge range of options, animated images, and more that you can use any way you want on your phone or via social media. It may be a little too cute for some, but for the right audience, this is a very feature-rich, value-laden app and the paid upgrade, for those that select it, is massive.

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