Find your car quickly and easily with this intuitive iPhone app

Take notes, set positions, and never again forget your car with this app.

The age-old problem of "Where the heck did I leave my car?" may finally be over as a number of app developers use the built-in GPS feature in the iPhone to track and remind users where they left their vehicle. Car Finder Locator is just such an app and offers one of the more intuitive, attractive interfaces for GPS car locators currently on the market. The app is very easy to use, instantly activating the GPS locator on your phone and ascertaining your current location. Simply click the "Set new position" button to mark the location of your car or tap the arrow to leave a note or write which street you are on. It works equally well in parking lots as it does for alternate side of the street parking in New York City.

As a free app, Car Finder Locator integrates a number of ads into its design. While the ads are tastefully done and actually fit the very sleek design of the app quite well, we found them to be inconvenient. More than once, an ad would appear on screen immediately after or before tapping another button, forcing us to visit the App Store or a Web site. The actual GPS and note-taking features are very efficient, however, offering fast, effective tracking tools. While it would be nice to have a date and time stamp added to these markers to avoid accidentally overwriting a location, the interface performs well.

For a free app that does something most everyone has needed or desired at some point, Car Finder Locator is a great tool. The buggy ad integration could use some work and a way to save locations for future reference with time stamps would make the app even more useful, but for what it promises, Car Finder Locator delivers quite well.

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