Match candy quickly to amass points and get the highest score with Candy Dash Lite

Tap fast enough to put up a big score in this twist on an old formula.

Candy Dash HD Lite is a simple take on a classic formula. Match three or more of the same color of candy on the screen to remove them. Instead of moving the candy, you simply tap it whenever it aligns into three or more on the screen. It's very simple, but there is of course a twist. If you can tap out five or more matches in a row successively, you'll get a combo score, and the more combo points you get, the faster your score increases. The game gives you only 60 seconds to amass as many points as possible, and it is impossible to lose flat out -- you simply get a lower score.

While Candy Dash HD Lite is simple to install and even easier to play, the version we played had some stability issues. Twice in our initial play test of three games it crashed to the home screen on a Generation 3 iPad. The placement of ads in the Lite version is haphazard as well. While they don't distract from the actual game, they make an already somewhat messy menu screen even messier and harder to manage. This game, unlike a lot of free offerings from new developers, integrates with Game Center so you can compete with other players, but unlike similar games (like Bejeweled Blitz), there is no sense of urgency to make the high score after 60 seconds feel like anything more than another game completed.

Candy Dash HD Lite is a decent game. The premise is simple and the distribution of pieces is both fair and challenging, but the presentation, feature set, and aesthetic make it a game that is neither exciting to play, nor ultimately rewarding. For those that enjoy match-three style games, it is worth checking out. For those looking for the next big free game, you may want to skip this one.

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