Play bare-bones, classic blackjack on your iPad

Bet big and win digital coin with BlackJack for Millionaire.

There is a wide range of gambling and card game apps on the App Store. While actual gambling is not permitted through apps, the scope of simulation varies substantially. Some are very complex with Game Center support and matching features while others are bare-bones, offering only a pure rendition of the original game. Such is the case with BlackJack for Millionaire. Upon starting the app, you will find no menus, only an option to start playing. Place your bet and your hand is dealt. You can then choose a new card, stand, double down, surrender or split. If you've played blackjack before, you will recognize the basics of the game immediately.

The execution is efficient, though it feels lonely at the table with no other players involved (just you versus the dealer). The game does not integrate with Game Center and offers no online matching or advanced betting or leveling up structures. In fact, if you choose to reset instead of continue, your coin count will reset to 1,000 -- the starting amount. We found the basics of the game to run effectively. The hands seemed neither too generous nor too strict, and the number of wins was often slightly greater than losses, but with no payoff beyond your coin count increasing, the game isn't ultimately as satisfying as some others in this niche.

If you enjoy blackjack for the sake of the game, BlackJack for Millionaire may hit the right spot for you. However, if you are looking for a blackjack game that simulates the real thrill of victory and agony of defeat at a live card table, this is not it. With little reason not to bet big and every reason to grow bored, we found it easy to walk away from this card game.

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