Review dozens of models from top car makers at a glance with All Cars

Compare, contrast and covet with this car database teaser.

Car lovers are often left with wikis and forums to pine and fawn over the newest models from the world's biggest manufacturers like BMW and Ferrari. With All Cars Lite, you can at least partially sate your hunger to learn more about some of the hottest car models around, albeit with a handful of limitations. Designed as a "complete" database for car models produced around the globe, All Cars has a very simple interface. There is a list of manufacturers on the left, the vehicles produced by each manufacturer appear in a column on the right and you can search for a single model with the search function at the top.

It all works exactly as it should and the app is quick and responsive, especially on an iPad. However, as this is the Lite version, you will find quite a few limitations. Those most likely to benefit from a database like this will undoubtedly want it to cover all manufacturers. In its current iteration, we found only 14 manufacturers and only a limited selection of current models from each. The selection is arbitrarily alphabetical, so you start with AC and Acura and it cuts off at Chevrolet and Citroen. Those vehicles you can view offer a handful of details including model types, engine specs, estimated fuel economy, top speed, emissions and cost. Numbers are provided in a mix of U.S. and EU units which we found odd considering there is an option on the page to switch between the two.

The concept of All Cars Lite is great, but a very limited "Lite" version and only a handful of promotional photos for each car, the app will leave you wanting more. While we did not review the paid version, its inclusion of every car model makes it worth inspecting further if you are interested in the concept behind this app.

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