Control YouTube with your keyboard using Tube Controller for Mac

Play and interact with YouTube videos without your mouse with Tube Controller for Mac.

While there are controls on the Mac keyboard to pause, play, move back, and fast-forward, they only operate in programs like iTunes. Tube Controller for Mac allows you to engage these controls for watching YouTube videos, but with a small cost.

Available via the Mac App store for $2.99, Tube Controller for Mac has no trial version available. As with all App Store purchases, the installation and setup were easily managed. While Tube Controller for Mac started up quickly, it attempted to sign on to every computer on the test network and did so repeatedly. This became a distraction until it eventually stopped after a few minutes. There were no instructions, but the program's simple function negated the need for them. Under normal use, using the playback keys would immediately change iTunes accordingly. The program disables this function and enables it for YouTube watching. There is no interface outside of a small button in the top bar. Pressing this lowers a drop-down that allows you to disable the app and revert to normal functioning. Outside of this, the program performs no other functions.

While functional, the limited features make Tube Controllers for Mac useful for only a few users who watch YouTube multiple hours per day and find using the mouse undesirable.

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