Erase unwanted elements and easily correct your photos with Snapheal for Mac

Enhance your photos and erase unwanted content with the easy-to-use Snapheal for Mac.

With the proliferation of digital cameras and smartphones, even non-photographers have started taking and editing digital photos. However, traditional image-editing software may seem too complicated for beginners. This is where Snapheal for Mac may comes in handy. It offers to take the complexity away and achieves decent photo correction.

Snapheal for Mac offers a clean, user-friendly interface and is easy to use. The main functionality is the ability to erase entire objects or small imperfections. Typically, you can get rid of pesky skin spots on portraits or erase unwanted passers-by. There are three basic erase modes with some additional settings to help you achieve the best results. Options for tweaking all the classic photographic properties such as contrast, exposure, saturation, and more are present as well. Amateur photographers will appreciate an interface that is clear and not cluttered with too many elements. Even for a total beginner it will be really easy to discover this program and quickly get things done. Our results were generally correct but not perfect. The app is multicore/multithread capable so it can take advantage of a newer computer. For no apparent reason, multithreading wasn't actually kicking in every time. When your computer is busy processing, there is a random fun fact displayed alongside the progress bar to entertain you while you wait. Nice touch.

Neophyte photographers with basic needs will be able to rapidly achieve correct results with the easy-to-use Snapheal for Mac. With a 15-day fully unlocked demo there is no risk in trying it. Advanced users will probably prefer to stick with traditional feature-rich editing software that will provide better results and more options.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Snapheal for Mac 2.2.

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