Create, share, and document gene sequences with SnapGene Viewer for Mac

Improve your teaching, research, and molecular biology procedures with this comprehensive gene sequence viewer and simulator.

A complex field such as molecular biology requires efficient ways to visualize gene sequences and associated data. SnapGene Viewer for Mac helps you better visualize, annotate, and simulate DNA-related procedures.

Installing SnapGene Viewer for Mac is quick and easy. At first launch a setup screen pops up that lets you define your preferred enzyme suppliers. You are also invited to watch an introductory video to guide you through the basic functions of the software. Six more videos are also available to explore advanced functions of this program. Many screenshots and feature descriptions that will help you learn more about the program and whether it's able to fulfill your needs are available at the developer's Web site. No manual seemed readily available. The viewer is free so you can communicate your work with colleagues with no need for additional licenses on their end. The program felt well engineered and stable. Unfortunately, the demo version won't let you test the actual simulations of molecular biology procedures. On the plus side, annotations and viewing and searching functions are available on the demo and viewer versions. A sample file is provided to let you quickly dig into the core functionality of the software and determine if it is right for you.

SnapGene Viewer for Mac seems suited for biology labs or researchers who are looking for an efficient and ergonomic gene visualization solution that provides annotations and simulation of molecular biology procedures.

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