Access unique wallpapers with Pimp Your Screen for Mac

Customize your desktop with high-quality wallpapers using Pimp Your Screen for Mac.

For people who often change their desktop backgrounds, locating unique images can be a problem. Pimp Your Screen for Mac addresses this with its selection of unique, high-quality wallpapers, which may be worth the price for some people.

Available only as a paid app from the Mac App Store for $2.99, Pimp Your Screen for Mac has no free trial, which would have been a welcome feature. Since it is an App Store program, download and installation completed easily without any user activity. Pimp Your Screen for Mac also started up cleanly and the interface was very well designed. Despite not having instructions, the program was easy to figure out. Selections can be made among different wallpaper backgrounds, and browsing was easily accomplished via a top menu with buttons for different categories. You can switch among the different backgrounds using an arrow and click system often found in Web site photo galleries. Once you find a suitable image, displaying it is as simple as clicking a large red "Save" button, which sits by itself at the bottom of the screen. The images themselves are beautifully rendered, but are not particularly diverse and mostly show animals, cityscapes, or photographs.

While the program's design is functional and thoughtful, Pimp Your Screen for Mac does little beyond providing access to unique wallpapers, not likely justifying its cost except for a small number of users.

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