Track your device and manage it with MacTrack for Mac

Manage your computer performance and monitor its history and location with MacTrack for Mac.

With the amount of sensitive personal information contained on a computer, having one lost or stolen can be a major problem. MacTrack for Mac provides a number of features to protect information and help recover a lost or stolen computer, all at a reasonable price.

Available as a free trial version with a 14-day usage limit, the full program requires a $9.95 fee for operation past that time. MacTrack for Mac installed smoothly, although it required a full system restart in order to function. After the reboot, the program made us enter a valid e-mail and new password. If the full version is purchased, the user may also enter the product key for complete access. The program runs in the background, but the options interface is easy to manage. For further monitoring, the program takes the user to the product's Web page to enter log-in information. This brings up easy-to-decipher menus for the computer's performance as well as those showing the computer information. In addition to these functions, if the computer is lost or stolen, the user can lock the desktop to keep it from opening, as well as take Webcam snapshots.

For the modest price, those users more likely to lose their computers or have them stolen, such as frequent travelers, may find MacTrack for Mac's features helpful for security.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of MacTrack for Mac 7.1.8.

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