Manage Facebook without filling your screen with Face for Facebook for Mac

Maintain Facebook's full functionality in a small area with Face for Facebook for Mac.

Working with Facebook and its many functions typically requires large parts of a computer's display. Face for Facebook for Mac shrinks the screen size required for Facebook, but still permits use of all its features.

Available as a full, unrestricted version through the App Store for $1.99, Face for Facebook installs without any user steps involved. A trial version would have been a great idea so you could try out its potential benefits before purchasing, but the low price makes this less of a problem. After installation, the program starts cleanly and immediately requests that you sign in with a Facebook account or create a new one. The interface's look and feel is similar to the main Facebook page itself, with buttons for chat, messages, friends, and news feed among others. The response is good, with no lag time compared with the actual site. The program does have technical support available and updates may be delivered through the App Store. While there are some options for displaying the information, including making the window transparent so the user may look at other information through it, additional customization would have been a welcome feature. Other preferences available include the ability to move the window to different parts of the screen. People with the newest operating systems may also activate notifications.

While available only as a paid App, Face for Facebook for Mac works well and is an option to people who want to keep Facebook's features available but keep it in a small window.

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