Read bible verses on your iPhone with Your Daily Bible Verse

Receive a free bible verse delivered directly to your phone daily.

Bible verses are a natural fit for the iPhone -- a compact, easily carried device that everyone already takes with them everywhere. Your iPhone is capable of storing large volumes of data, and it makes that data instantly accessible, whether you are at work, in bed, or somewhere in between. So what better medium could there be to provide you with an instant daily affirmation through a carefully selected bible verse? This is the promise of Your Daily Bible Verse Free, an app produced by Marc Moore to deliver one free verse to your device every day. The interface, layout, and delivery are all very simple, providing you with three menus -- one for today's verse, one containing a full list of verses included with the app, and one in which you can review favorite verses.

The app is quick and delivers its promise of one free verse per day, although we were unable to determine if the list of verses grew after the initial 23 were delivered. Additionally, the app is clearly repurposed from another app. When you review a single verse, a button saying "All Jokes" appears in the top left corner. The ability to save favorite verses for later is a welcome addition, however, and while the list of verses is short, the selection is good and shows foresight by the app's developer.

There are more robust apps with devotional content and free bible verses (including multiple versions of the complete King James Bible), but this is a good starting point for those wanting a simple app to provide daily inspiration.

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