Unite the happy couple using careful dual-finger controls with Tied - Valentines Day Edition

Celebrate love with this delightful, whimsical game.

The App store is filled with games celebrating various holidays. From holiday or seasonal versions of popular apps to one-off games designed to get the name of a new developer on the map, there are dozens of options released for seemingly every major holiday. One such app is Tied - Valentine's Day Edition, a whimsical, enjoyable version of Tied that perfectly captures the agony of love (in more ways than one) and the joy of uniting. The game is delivered in a beautiful package, the interface is incredibly simple, and with a couple quick swipes, you can get right down to playing.

The game itself is simple. You control two characters -- a boy and a girl -- with your right and left index fingers. You must maneuver them through a maze without breaking the tie that holds them together until you can reunite them. It may sound simple, but it's quite hard for a number of reasons. First, there is the issue of controlling two characters with two fingers. After some experimental speed runs, it became apparent that, unless you are ambidextrous, this will be a slow and plodding game. But that isn't a bad thing. When you finally reunite the lost lovers, it is joyful both for you and the characters on the screen. This isn't just another simple game that can be completed in a few seconds. It takes effort, and yet it is built around such a straightforward concept that you can't help but appreciate the ingenuity of its design.

If you are looking for a fun, free game that celebrates love, Valentine's Day, and clever game design, spend a few minutes with Tied - Valentine's Day Edition. It's a beautiful game, wonderfully executed and filled with moments that we dare you not to have an emotional reaction to.

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