Record notes, thoughts and images quickly with the intuitive Smart Journal

Keep track of your life on the go with an easy to use iPad journaling app.

The App Store is filled with a plethora of journaling apps, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Every person is different and likes to record and share their thoughts in a different way. For every well-crafted, smartly designed app on the market, there is an individual sure to love it. Smart Journal is just such an app, offering a slick, attractive design, intuitive controls and a novel means of jotting down quick journal entries and even sharing them when you choose to. Designed for simplicity, the app opens quickly and requires no Web syncing to operate, a major issue that slows down a lot of other apps.

All entries are added with a plus button in the bottom right corner. Just tap the button and choose what to add to your journal -- text, images, music, video, what you are currently reading or a location. It's all very simple and looks beautiful. Each entry is automatically placed in a timeline which you can view on the left sidebar, or you can look at your notes by type. The app can also be locked down with a password so no one can view your journal and for those that love Smart Journal, there is an upgrade option that removes ads, allows you to store more than 25 events and extends general functionality -- a must if you enjoy the core app.

With so many journaling apps on the app store it's hard to recommend any one, but Smart Journal makes a strong case. The app is quick and responsive, easy to use, offers quick shortcuts for entering new content and is a perfect way to keep track of your thoughts on the go. It's not right for those who want to sync between multiple devices and it's not great for sharing with others, but for a private journal on your iPad, it's a strong contender for your time.

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