View a collection of wallpaper designs on your iPad

Scroll through various wallpaper options...slowly.

There is a strong market for expanded wallpaper on the iPad and iPhone. The devices come with no built-in options for wallpaper except to add them from your list of photos. While most people are content adding photos of their dogs or children, many want a more robust selection of impersonal images. That's where Magic Wallpapers stakes its claim -- as a provider of free wallpaper that can be saved, shared, or placed on your background or lock screen. The app is attractive enough at first glance. It has a collection of Metro-style tiles, and you can add new ones to the screen with the tap of a button.

The problems start when you attempt to view an image. Tap any one image and you'll be taken to a collection of additional wallpaper designs, all of which allow you to view them, save them, or share them with other users. However, each wallpaper loads rather slowly -- we saw load times of as long as 5 to 10 seconds just when tapping an image. Additionally, whether it's a bug in the programming or due to the ad placed on the bottom of the screen, often the menus would change orientation on their own or get stuck when we clicked Cancel or tried to return to previous menus.

The idea behind Magic Wallpapers is simple enough, but whether the developers were too ambitious or the software just requires some additional work, it is slow and unresponsive at the moment. The app's features all worked when used but with varying degrees of effectiveness (and speed). There are faster, easier-to-use options for wallpaper on your iOS device. We recommend those over Magic Wallpapers, at least for now.

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