Give your kids some learning help with Kidz Flashcards

Help your children understand key concepts with this fun flash-card system.

One thing is very apparent after a few years of iPads being on the market -- kids love them. From playing games to watching cartoons, and even learning, Apple's signature tablet is as much for children as for anyone else. So it is no surprise to see a surge of learning apps appearing in the App Store such as Kidz Flashcards HD. Designed and delivered as a basic flash-card system for letters, antonyms, and plurals/singulars, this flash-card app will be engaging for many young children, even if the delivery and overall approach to some topics is limiting.

The app, as you might expect for anything targeted to young children, is very colorful and simplistic. An ad sits on the bottom of the screen, an odd addition for any app for pre-K children, but it's small and unobtrusive and it makes the app free, so it is not a detriment. The actual flash cards are well-delivered. Start a stack of cards and the system will cycle through them at a relatively slow pace while reading the contents aloud. You can replay the recitation at any time or even share it on Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail. Other decks, like the plurals and singulars for example, don't quite fit the theme of the app and are probably for slightly older children, but the delivery is still fun.

If you are looking for a good app that prepares children for basic letters, antonyms, and singular/plural words, Kidz Flashcards HD is a good starting place. Some graphics are clearly lifted from other properties, and the design is a little clunky, but when you consider the audience and the purpose of the app, we are happy to overlook those shortcomings because the actual cards and execution of the reading is well done.

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