Fight for the future of the human race in Final Fury

Shoot your way through wave after wave of enemy invaders.

As a game that is a cross between overhead hack-and-slash games like Diablo and infinite-wave games like Geometry Wars, Final Fury Pro is a fantastic marriage of old-school layouts, modern graphics and reward mechanics, and a slick game engine. The gameplay carries the game, offering a number of upgrade options, weapons and wave after wave of enemies to take down as you rack up massive combo scores.

The game is simple in execution but offers a number of challenging rewards as you progress. When you start, the idea is simple. Move your character around the screen and fire on alien enemies. As you approach, your character will fire automatically, or you can charge up your special ability and unleash a blast of energy that will kill enemies faster. The longer you go without being hit, the higher your combo score goes. Each enemy drops cash that can be used to unlock upgrades, other characters, and more weapons. While the Pro version of Final Fury unlocks all of the game's features, it does still feature a handful of in-game transactions to buy more cash that can be used for weapons upgrades, outfits, and skills. Your skills only unlock as you move up the levels, and this becomes much harder if you run out of cash.

Even if you decide never to spend a dime in-game, Final Fury Pro is a wide-open, highly enjoyable game. It moves quickly, the combat never gets too stale, and the characters are likable, even with the minimal amount of interaction and story time they get. It's a great example of how to present a tap-and-fire game that satisfies the quick-fix mentality of an iOS gamer without bogging them down in extra features or "random" dynamics.

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