Face Analyzer analyzes faces, but results are underwhelming

Snap a quick photo and analyze your child's face with this program, but the results aren't very satisifying.

A camera integrated with the iPhone makes it a perfect tool for facial recognition and analysis tools, and as the power of the iPhone's camera has increased, so, too, have the number of functions available. Face Analyzer is an app that claims to offer a basic analysis of a child's face when his or her picture is taken with the iPhone's built-in camera. The setup and use of the app is fairly straightforward, but the actual purpose and presentation of results can be confusing based on the initial description of the app.

To start, analysis takes some time. After taking a photo, you are asked to provide birthdate, ethnicity, and gender information. The company whose technology runs this app has been providing facial recognition software that uses children's facial features for many years, but it is still unnerving to provide so much information with a photograph of any child, especially your own. Overlooking the discomfort factor, there doesn't appear to be much information provided when an analysis is completed. The app provides a few basic descriptions such as chin folds, forehead size, and mouth shape, but what this means and why it was mentioned is not provided. Below the analysis you're given an option to submit it for expert review, but this, of course, costs money.

We found Face Analyzer to work as advertised, but the purpose of the analysis, the actual results, and how the information is gathered left us feeling dissatisfied. The app is free, but even still, the amount of time analysis takes and the lack of context in the results created a sense that something was missing. By all means, if you are interested in learning more about the specific facial features of your child, test this app, but don't expect much more than observations that will make little or no sense to you.

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