Quiz yourself on the flags of the world

Learn flags from around the globe with ease using this simple iPad app.

There are more than 190 countries in the world and every one of them has a flag. Most people would be hard-pressed to recognize 10 percent of those flags, but with English Words Country - Flag Quiz, you can change that. Designed to quiz you on all 196 flags in its database, the app offers multiple ways to test your knowledge and hear how those country's names are pronounced.

When you start the app, you'll be given three difficulty options: easy, medium, and hard. Easy simply asks you to match one of four countries provided with the flag displayed. On medium difficulty you are asked to fill in the name of a country with letters missing, and on Hard mode it is more of a Hangman-style word jumble. If you can fill the letters in correctly, you get it right. We found the medium difficulty to be the easiest, simply by design, but all three options are very different and can help you learn the flags. The app is well-made, complete with public-domain images and a pleasant narrator pronouncing each country's name.

If you are eager to learn not only the flags of the world, but the pronunciation and spelling of the names of the countries from which those flags originate, this is a fun app that you will enjoy. Whether testing yourself on what you know or competing with friends or teaching children, Flag Quiz will put your memory to the test and you'll likely come away with a few new facts to wow people with at cocktail parties.

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