Brighten photos and compare with original versions quickly using Brighten Me Free

Brighten, compare, and share photos on your iOS device.

With a powerful camera and millions of photos taken every day around the world on iOS devices, it is no wonder that so many apps have been created to add much needed functionality to the device. One such app is Brighten Me. Doing exactly what it promises, Brighten Me will brighten any of the photos on your device. Upon installation, you can instantly connect the app to your photo library and start brightening photos you've taken either with this device or an older device.

While the newest cameras on the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad are much better at reducing dark spots and making photos bright and vibrant, they can only do so much in low-light situations, especially with the flash turned off. Brighten Me performed very well with these photos, adding light without washing out colors and fading the overall look of the image. Brighten Me makes it easy to see how much has changed with the Compare button showing the image in split screen -- the left half darker and the right brighter. When you set the brightness, you can then share the image, but you will need to upgrade to the Premium edition of the app, making the free version little more than a demo.

Still, if you need an app that allows you to quickly and easily brighten dark photos, whether they were taken with your current iPad or iPhone, or they are older photos with a less powerful camera, Brighten Me is a good contender. Offering additional color equalizer tools and quick sharing tools in the paid edition, this app is a perfect companion for photophiles that take and share a lot of outdoor or low-light photographs while on the go.

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