Do your taxes with your iPad using TurboTax 2012

Complete your taxes, prepare for April, and get your refund fast, even when on the go.

It's incredible what technology permits us to do. It's easy to assume that iPads and iPhones are just glorified gaming devices, but as the technology advances, so too do they have their uses. When you think about it that way, it's not necessarily surprising to see such a wonderful rendition of the award-winning TurboTax software delivered in the TurboTax 2012 app for the iPad. The folks at Intuit seem to understand the attraction of tablet computing because the interface for TurboTax is clean and intuitive, easy to use, and offers multiple reference points when you get stuck. You can just as easily complete your entire 2012 tax return on the iPad as on your desktop, or you can sync between the two and work on your return when away from your computer.

After installing TurboTax, you will be asked whether you have an existing account. Assuming you don't, you have the option to lock your return with a password on your device (highly recommended). Once you start your return, you'll receive an overlay tutorial that shows you where to find key tools like past returns, help topics, bookmarking or access to support staff. If you've ever used an online tax prep tool, the interview should be familiar. TurboTax will talk you through filling out basic personal information, adding W-2's and 1099's, entering deductions and expenses, and helping you determine your federal and state tax refund or liability.

With the ability to quickly and easily tap between areas of your state and federal returns, talk to an expert if needed, or save your return for future editing, TurboTax 2012 is the most powerful and easiest to use app for completing your taxes on the iPad. With the added security built into the app and an easier to use interface, this is the only way to do your taxes on a tablet.

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