Save your mobile files on your home PC and access them on the go with xCloud

With this app you can turn your home computer into a private cloud for all your mobile content.

This app takes your home PC and turns it into personal cloud storage. While this idea may sound interesting, in reality xCloud doesn't offer a real cloud-based service, but rather enables you to connect your mobile device to your PC remotely. This app has many issues that need to be addressed: security is weak and the execution leaves much to be desired.

Downloading the application seems easy enough, but the whole setup takes time. In addition to a mobile client, you must also download a companion server to your PC and register both pieces of software. xCloud requires a lot of special permissions, including access to all of your stored data, the power to monitor your connection, and access to all personal data. The app also requires that any data that is to be accessed be saved in a single folder the program creates, which is protected by one password. Some may see this as a serious security risk and would find it pretty inconvenient to move all their data into one folder.

Another issue is that, unlike most cloud services, with xCloud you can't stream music or video or view files. What it does is simply let you move files from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa.

xCloud has potential, but it needs improvement. The lack of features and the glaring lack of security limit this program severely. This app will only prove useful if you take a lot of pictures with your mobile device and wish to upload them to your PC on the go.

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