Use your mobile device as a remote desktop with Wyse PocketCloud for Android

Access your home computer from an Android device with Wyse PocketCloud for Android.

Cloud storage became the latest trend in mobile computing due to the lack of extensive storage on small mobile devices. Wyse PocketCloud for Android handles cloud storage quite well, allowing the user to access home computer files from a mobile device or another PC. This app also has an interesting feature rarely seen in mobile devices: remote control of the desktop of your home PC from anywhere.

Wyse PocketCloud for Android installs surprisingly easily. After the Android application is downloaded, the program requires registration using Google credentials. Then you download a small, self-installing program to the desktop you wish to access. The application automatically recognizes the computer and grants access. Once the desired PC is selected, you can either view files located on the hard drive or remotely control the desktop. All the controls are completely wireless and can be used from any location. There is very little lag between the devices, and it is as if your desktop is right in your hand. We tested this application using our Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a low-end HP laptop and the results were satisfactory.

Even the inexperienced user should have few difficulties running this app. It is stable, fast, and fairly light on memory usage. Some older mobile devices may experience more lag due to the CPU speed. If you need to access your home computer while on the go, Wyse PocketCloud for Android could be a good way to do it. To access multiple computers, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version of this app.

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