Listen to your music collection on the go with Winamp

Manage and play audio files on your Android device with one of the most famous media players of all time.

Since one of the most common uses for a smartphone is listening to music, many applications have been created for the purpose of playing and organizing music files. Winamp is one of the most popular of these for many reasons; it has been around for a long time and still delivers.

What mainly attracts users to Winamp is not necessarily this main application, which is free. In the $4.99 Winamp Pro version, you also get many upgrade features such as a graphic equalizer, podcast support, and Internet radio. The application loads quickly and immediately recognizes all music files located on the device. Album art is fully supported and you can create custom playlists. This media player displays music in several different ways depending on the customization of the playlist. Sound quality is really good and there is no skipping or freezing. The application itself is very stable and polished. It is well-designed and very intuitive, too. A dark background with bright high-contrast lettering is easy on the eyes and modern-looking.

Winamp functions well and also offers many great, high-value add-ons. Most people should have no problem using it and it can provide many hours of listening pleasure. Winamp is recommended for the audiophile or anyone who occasionally likes to listen to music on an Android device.

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