View Twitter Vine videos with Vine Flow

Stream Twitter blog videos on your mobile device with Vine Flow.

One of the most recent additions to the world of social networking is Twitter's Vine, which is basically another method of sharing videos. The video clips are very short, like visual tweets. Vine Flow claims to be an efficient method of viewing Vine videos. While the idea is pretty good, the execution is not.

Installation of Vine Flow is quite simple and very fast. Upon opening the uncomplicated program users are greeted with a bright home screen and high-contrast text. The program looks good initially but we soon discovered that it is fraught with problems. The search feature rarely worked. When users search for terms and the system malfunctions, an annoying "oops" message appears announcing the program's failure. Even though the videos are not of high quality or great length, the videos often are choppy, freeze during playback, or crash the whole application. The program itself is significantly unstable. Freezing, crashing, and poor performance were common. The device we tested this application on required a reset twice in the testing period.

Vine Flow doesn't seem to be a finished application. While it looks like a good idea, it performs like an experimental application. We don't recommend that you even try it. Download at your own risk.

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