Back up your Android SMS with VeryAndroid SMS Backup

Save your important text messages and transfer them easily to another device using VeryAndroid SMS Backup.

Unfortunately, the option to back up your text messages is not built in to the syncing software on Android devices. VeryAndroid SMS Backup offers a very effective solution to this problem: users download the application on their mobile device and a separate manager tool on their PC. The result is a great SMS management system.

The setup for VeryAndroid SMS Backup takes very little time, but it does require installation of the PC software and a brief registration. The application itself is pretty straightforward. The intuitive main screen has only a few buttons with functions such as Backup, Restore, and Sync. The tool on the PC, however, is more feature-filled. The user can search for specific messages and arrange the messages by several different parameters. The layout of both programs is clean, well-designed, and appropriate for most users. The Android application version of this app is stable and functions perfectly. This app is free to try, but the full version costs $19.99. The developer offers lifelong free upgrades, though.

This program could prove useful to people who want to save their messages or retrieve information someone sent in the past. Most devices have a limited number of messages they can hold and they delete the oldest ones as they become obsolete. Another group who will find this app useful is people who change their phones frequently, as VeryAndroid SMS Backup offers easy transfer of messages between devices.

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