Meet and chat with new people online with Twoo

Build new friendships and have fun online using Twoo.

Social networking and online dating have become incredibly popular. These activities have spawned many applications and even created friendships. Twoo is an application that allows users to find new friends. While this may seem appealing to many users, the actual experience is quite different.

Twoo loads quickly and requires very little effort to build a profile. A quick-launch button will build a profile from your Facebook account information. The design of the application is bright and attractive. It features high-contrast text that is easy to read and colorful graphics. The main screen allows the user to view the headshot photo of hundreds of members. These members supposedly are matched to the user from the profile that was created. The first major downside to the application becomes apparent when a picture is selected. It is then that you begin to realize that all the services the application provides are costly. In order to view profiles, you need to pay a certain fee. If, by chance, the user spends any significant time on the application, they will also soon realize the instability of the software. Locking up, crashing, or even the need for the device to be rebooted are all common occurrences with this app.

Twoo proved very unstable, if not barely useable. It offers a vast number of services that require payment. Upon first opening the software, there is no way to find out if there is anyone that you want to connect with without paying. Most similar applications at least allow the user to browse before they buy.

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