Run, skip, and evade obstacles in the action game Stickman Run

Help Stickman get past obstacles in Stickman Run.

A character runs through a three- or two-dimensional hazardous course with the objective being to stay alive. These are the main characteristics of games in the running genre, with Temple Run being the most popular. Stickman Run is a parody of this game. It features a stick figure as the main character who must run past obstacles such as rulers, erasers, and pencils. Even though it may seem like a good idea, this game is not terribly exciting or entertaining and it doesn't perform too well.

Stickman Run for Android loads easily enough but takes up more space than expected. The gameplay is pretty poor, and the three-dimensional graphics are choppy and very generic-looking. The game itself performs badly. The controls are delayed, often causing the player to die and the game to end. There are animated sequences, but they are badly done. Overall, this game feels like a cheap, generic copy of Temple Run.

Given that there are two versions of Temple Run that are free, there should be no reason to download Stickman Run. It has nothing original in it, it is not entertaining, and it performs badly.

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