Control the system startup for your device using Startup Manager Free for Android

Manage the programs that normally autostart during bootup with Startup Manager Free for Android.

Tired of having all those undesired applications start up automatically after booting your smartphone or tablet? Can't find a way to add an application you want to your system startup simply because this option is not supported in the settings? Startup Manager Free for Android does a good job of dealing with these issues. However, for this app to function properly your phone needs to be rooted.

Because smartphones don't tend to be restarted very often, this app will be more useful for tablet owners because they usually shut the device down after every use. Startup Manager Free for Android is very light on the resources. It is stable and operates almost entirely in the background. The setup is fairly simple and most users with rooted phones should have no problem adjusting the settings. The application creates a list of programs that automatically load and gives you the choice to prevent these occurrences. The only problem is that you will have to manually open these programs for them to update. The layout is clean, easy to read, and suitable for most users.

Startup Manager Free for Android is an interesting idea that is executed pretty well. The demand may be quite limited given that the application is mostly useful for tablets. With newer devices the CPU speed is very fast and the startup time is very quick. In those cases this program will be useless or make very little difference.

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