Record covert video on your mobile device using Secret Video Recorder

Capture stealthy videos on your mobile device with Secret Video Recorder.

The need for a secret video recorder may be fairly limited, but it is still an interesting concept. Generally, if a user is recording video with their mobile device there are visual or audio indicators of it. Secret Video Recorder shuts all these indicators off and makes the video record completely in the background. There is no shutter sound, no viewfinder, no flash, and no LED indicator. The user is also able to utilize the device as if nothing were different. They are able to make calls, send a text, or even watch a video.

The incredibly simple installation allows the user to get right into using Secret Video Recorder. Clean menus are easy to read and intuitive in their function. Advanced settings are available such as video quality, duration of video, and camera selection. The method of activating the camera is a small widget switch located on the home screen. Once the switch is activated nothing happens. The video begins to record in the background and is saved in a folder. This app functions well, however, the free version is limited to 30-second clips. It is also ad-supported, which may cause pop-ups in the notification bar.

Due to the unnecessary restrictions and inconveniences of the free version, this application almost requires you to purchase the pro version at $8.99, which is rather expensive. While Secret Video Recorder does work, perhaps the free version won't be an attractive option for most users looking for a quick, easy and free app of this kind.

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