Help Pomo the Puppy push through lava in Puppy Run

Make a cute puppy solve puzzles to save his owner in Puppy Run.

Contrary to what the name implies, this game isn't a side-scrolling running game. Instead, you'll take control of Pomo, a supersmart puppy who is trying to return a lost compass to his owner. Puppy Run is a pretty easy puzzle game, but its cute graphics and loads of levels should be enough to keep a lot of players happy.

The paid version of the game offers 100 levels. There is a free version with significantly fewer levels, but all of the fun and no ads. In Puppy Run, you'll use and sometimes dodge obstacles to help you push a lava-cooling ball into a pit of lava. The levels aren't incredibly detailed, but the landscape and music is ridiculously adorable. That's helpful, because you might get bored after three-starring the first dozen levels or so in a few seconds. It does eventually get a little difficult, but it takes a while for the levels to actually be challenging. The biggest challenge is that the controls often get in your way of seeing the whole level. They can be customized and moved, though.

The game's silly difficultly isn't a bad thing, though, as it actually makes the game a great problem-solving experience for kids. Adults will have a good deal of fun with Puppy Run, too.

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