Manage your contacts efficiently with Phonebook for Android

Customize your contact and communication experience using Phonebook for Android.

The boom of social-networking services has caused many people to have multiple applications on their smartphones to manage different sites and frequent content updates. Switching through different social-media applications and separate applications for texting or instant messaging can get quite cumbersome and inconvenient. Phonebook for Android combines all social media into one contact management program in which users can view and manage all content related to individual contacts.

Phonebook for Android loaded quickly on our device. It automatically syncs contacts, but each site does require an initial log-in or registration. After what felt like a quite lengthy setup, the program worked without any hiccups. Contacts can be viewed in the traditional list format and selected individually. Once a contact is selected, all of that contact's content is displayed. Text messages, instant messages, Twitter posts, and Facebook Wall posts are all in one place, displayed in chronological order, and the user can respond to the messages. The user interface is customizable; you can change most of the look and feel. This app performs well and it runs mostly unnoticeably in the background.

Phonebook for Android uses little in the way of resources, is quite stable, and functions well. It is a great pick for any Android user who is tired of the complexity of juggling multiple social-networking services, or who simply wants to organize contacts better.

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