Sprint for daylight on your Android gadget in Panda Run

Collect stones and run along a path in this neat game.

The wildly successful Temple Run has naturally started spawning dozens of rip-offs. This one doesn't sport the same amazing graphics, but it's certainly no slouch. Panda Run has a cuter mascot, good graphics, and very smooth gameplay. Temple Run fans are sure to enjoy it almost as much.

The game turns you into a cute little panda dressed for a fun day of running along a nicely animated path. You swipe on your screen and tilt your phone in various directions to dodge obstacles and collect stones. The game doesn't work in portrait mode, sadly. Its landscape mode gives you the perfect amount of screen space to have complete control of the game, though. It just makes it harder to tilt your phone to collect things. The Life mode of the game is great for beginners, as it behaves rather like a tutorial, showing you what to do if you've never played a running game before. Speed mode is incredibly challenging. There's no campaign mode or anything similar, so you're stuck just constantly trying to beat your own high score.

This game looks like the standard dungeon-running fare. If you're into that kind of game, Panda Run will give you a slightly new way to play, but it relies a little too heavily on what has made other running games a success. That doesn't make it bad, just a little boring if you've already played this type of game. It's still worth downloading just to check out, if nothing else.

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