Share files wirelessly from your mobile device with Kies Air

Manage your mobile device via PC or browser and share files easily within a Wi-Fi network.

The latest trend in mobile devices seems to be the ability to share files wirelessly between different devices. Kies Air proves to be particularly useful as it enables users to share files from their mobile device to a PC, laptop, or even another mobile device. In its most basic form, this app turns your mobile device into a wireless server.

Kies Air installs quickly and easily. Simply download the application and you are ready to share. Access to the mobile device can either be done through an app downloaded on the second device or simply through a Web browser. The different file types, such as music, videos, SMS, and others, are neatly organized and easily accessed by other devices on the Wi-Fi network. The great thing about this app is that the files are not located on an external server. All files stay securely within the home network. The only negative experience that can occur is the possibility of a difficult connection. On rare occasions we noticed that the device could not be found on the network and the Wi-Fi connection needed to be reset. It should also be noted that extremely large files might cause the mobile device to crash or restart.

While Kies Air leaves some room for improvement, it works for the most part as a useful tool for sharing files. If a wired connection is inconvenient, this app is definitely a great way to solve the problem.

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