Listen to music on your Android device with iRadio

Check out your favorite radio broadcasts on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Listening to the radio on the radio is a thing of the past. Apps like iHeartRadio and TuneIn have made it easy and downright enjoyable to listen via your smartphone or tablet. iRadio would probably like to be the mentioned in the same breath as those apps. However, its dismal performance makes it tough to even consider it a worthwhile alternative.

Once it's installed, the app is still fundamentally useless until you add all of iRadio's predetermined stations. When you try, you're greeted with a never-ending loading bar. Trying to load stations crashed the app twice during our testing. When the app finally tried to handle the search, it sat for more than 30 minutes at a loading screen without finding the stations. Instead of ever letting you listen to the radio, the app just makes you stare at its woefully bad layout for what seems like an eternity.

With a setup process that closely resembles purgatory, this app is hard to recommend. There are just too many great radio apps that offer cool features in addition to getting you online in seconds. iRadio doesn't hold a candle to those, or any app that works as intended, really.

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